Advertise with StreamThru
StreamThru enables advertisers to target specific types of traveller at particular stages of their journey:
  • Target travellers by a range of criteria including (airline, destination, departure airport, time of day, day of week, reason for travel, gender, etc)
  • Engage the traveller at different times in their journey (e.g. when they're travelling to the airport, when they're at their departure airport, when they've landed at their destination airport, when they're at their destination, the day before they're due to fly home, when they're travelling home, etc)
  • Advertise to opted-in StreamThru members either on our personalised, mobile-web site or by text message

On our mobile website we support graphical ads in a number of MMA Global recommended sizes with click through to your own mobile site or to a landing page on our site (where you can expand on your offer and enable click-to-call, click-for-SMS, etc).

SMS offers can be up to 160 characters and can include a link to your mobile website URL. We also offer MMS as an option if you want to send a graphical ad or short video clip.

For more information visit the Mantic Point company website, or contact us for a rate card.