StreamThru is your free, mobile travel assistant. It works on all mobile phones and is available for scheduled flights worldwide. Next time you're travelling, choose StreamThru. It will save you time and help you stay one step ahead.
Save time. Stay one step ahead
Is my flight on time? What terminal does my flight leave from? What time is my flight due to arrive? Where did I park my car at the airport? Are there any traffic jams on the way to the airport? Where's a good place to eat tonight? Where can I take the kids tomorrow? What's the weather going to be like tomorrow? My flight's delayed, what are my options?
StreamThru saves you time, providing a central place to access essential travel information and advice that adapts to where you are and what you're doing on your trip.
StreamThru helps you stay one step ahead, sending you pro-active SMS updates before each flight and notifying you of any delays. And, when you arrive, StreamThru helps you find the best places to visit and explore.
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Then forward your flight details
Each time you're travelling forward your flight confirmation emails to:
Alternatively, you can add a new trip manually either by signing in on this website or by visiting the StreamThru mobile-web application from your mobile phone.
That's it! We'll keep you updated
When you sign up for StreamThru, you will get:
An SMS message** containing a weather forecast for your destination, sent the day before you depart
An SMS message sent 3 hours before each flight reminding you of your departure time and departure terminal and letting you know if your flight is on-time
An SMS message notifying you of any delays as soon as we become aware of them
Each SMS contains you personal mobile-web* link. Visit this link anytime when you're travelling to access relevant information for the current stage of your trip. Available information includes: your itinerary, flight information (flight times, departure terminal, live flight status, departure gate, etc), alternative flights (if your flight is cancelled or delayed), airport guides (major airports), traffic reports (where available), parking reminder service, destination guide (recommended restaurants, site seeing, nightlife, etc), events guide, and weather forecast.
* To access your mobile travel assistant you'll need a mobile web browser (standard on most mobile handsets) and a suitable data plan.
** If your contract is with a mobile operator in the UK or other Eurpoean country, there is no charge to receive any of our text messages whether you're at home or abroad, so there will be no nasty surprises on your next mobile bill.
If you don't live in Eurpoe, please check with your mobile operator to see if they charge you to receive text messages.
Alternatively, find out how you can get StreamThru updates through your Twitter account and check out our StreamThru Application for iPhone and Nokia smartphone users.