White-label partners

If you work for a travel brand and you've tried the StreamThru service and liked it, why not offer a white-label version to your customers?

Solutions for large travel companies

StreamThru is a flexible, platform for you to build personalised, contextual, mobile dialogues with your customers and to generate new ancillary revenues. By configuring StreamThru's rules, together we can quickly create a mobile service to meet the specific needs of your customers.

We make it as easy as possible for your customer's to sign up for a mobile service, offering real-time and batch APIs (application programming interface) to connect to your reservation system. Alternatively, we provide various "widgets" and branded micro-sites to simplify customer acquisition.

And, where you have an existing investment in mobile services (e.g. mobile boarding passes, manage my booking) we can easily incorporate this into your StreamThru powered service.

Existing white-label partners include: Travelport, Airport Company of South Africa, Air New Zealand, easyJet, BAA, Bristol Airport, Holiday Extras Vodafone and Dialog lk.

For more information visit the Mantic Point company website.

Solutions for small and medium sized travel companies

Now, you can offer the benefits of Stream Thru to your customers, under your own brand. And, it's really easy to set-up. We offer 2 ways for you to integrate with the Stream Thru service:

  1. Add our "Widget" to your website to capture your customers' travel plans. We provide a snippet of code for you to paste into your website and we let you customize the size of the widget and the fonts and colours it uses - no programming required - so it fits your brand.
  2. If you capture customer booking data, save your customers re-keying their data by adding a checkbox to your booking process so your customers can opt-in to your mobile service. Then, pass the booking data to us using our simple API (application programming interface) call.

Whichever method you choose, we let you customise the look and feel of the mobile website to fit your brand - no programming or techie mobile skills required.

To get started send an email to info@manticpoint.com.